Dreamwalker Inc.
VR puzzle adventure in a world of dreams
The Story
Welcome to the world of dreams, where most of the folks are having fun and rest, while we, the Dreamwalker Inc., are making sure things don't run out of control. If someone's stuck in a bad dream - we are the ones to get things sorted out!

As our recent intern, you will be in charge of fixing the other folks' dreams, no matter how messed up the unconscious mind can be. Rules of physics, common sense and medical insurance do not apply during the Dream Walks!
Single user
Age 12+
Action, Puzzles
Standing, Roomscale
Publisher? Investor?
Meet the Team
  • Dmitry T
  • Polina Z
    3D Artist
  • Stephan A
    Game Designer
  • Sergei B
    Unreal Developer
We are KlusterLuck - a remote indie team working on VR games. We aim to bring the most unreal gaming experiences and make them feel 100% real for you.

Our first title "DreamWalkers Inc." has a free demo available - you can download it at your Oculus Quest 2 for free. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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